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GMO Free. Nutrient Dense. Fresh Harvest

The Maca Team is a small family run company entirely focusing on high-quality Peruvian Maca products which are grown organically without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, fairly traded, GMO-free and fresh. The company is dedicated to sell different kinds of certified organic maca powder.

The corporate values of The Maca Team as a company are well defined because its members work in an organized way to obtain their products, guaranteeing the sustainability of the land, always taking into account the conservation of the environment and the ecosystems of rural areas. It also contributes to the development and productivity of the field, always ensuring and complying with the human rights of communities and farmers.

The most popular certified organic products that the company sell are the raw sundried black and red maca of which the roots are processed into maca powder after being dried in the high mountain sun. After coming out of the ground they are cleaned in a citrus solution, ground into a pulp and low temperature dried. This special processing leaves more glucosinolates in the final products which may help prevent chronic diseases.

This brand works with the promotion of respect for consumer rights and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles as The Maca Team’s mission is to supply fresh, organic, high-quality maca products from Peru at fair prices, always delivering their purchases with punctuality, responsibility, and always taking into account the respect for legality and ethical values.