Coco Sugar is a company located in the Banyumas region of Central Java, Indonesia and was developed with the effort and knowledge of a multidisciplinary team, whose hope is to serve all those interested in taking care of their health in a natural way. The team continues to train and constantly upgrade themselves to offer not only traditional products but also the latest product developments that arise.

This company is entirely dedicated to the production of coconut sugar and coconut nectar, being very special products that are elaborated following a complex manual process. Pure coconut sugar is made without adding sugar cane or dyes and is produced from coconut trees from sustainable and controlled farming. This long manual process carries the seal of exceptional quality of coconut products which traditional sugar can be replaced by this organic product in virtually all dishes or drinks giving a spectacular caramel flavor. But its qualities do not end there since it has a very low glycemic index, vitamins, and minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, and antioxidants. For all the above, coconut sugar is the perfect sweetener for those who worry about following a healthy diet.

One of the goals of Coco Sugar is to offer organic products of the best quality that consumers are looking for. That’s why in Coco Sugar its members work together with producers to obtain products with organic certifications. At the same time, Coco Sugar works on fair trade practices, which recognizes, promotes and protects the cultural identity and traditions of farmers in their production processes, ensuring that they are 100% organic, minus any form of bad practices.