Big Tree Farms was founded by husband and wife Ben and Blair Ripple in July 2003 in Bali, Indonesia. Now, the company is lead by its Co-Founder/CEO Ben who is focusing primarily on Operations, Supply Chain and Product Development while Co-Founder/CIO Frederick Schilling who is based in the United States, is primarily focusing on Brand/Product Development and Sales/Marketing.

Big Tree Farms is encouraged by the paradigms of responsible consumption so that more people take into account the socio-environmental impact of the products they choose, which does not only takes into account the quality and price of the goods and services that are acquired but also how they are produced and their environmental and social impact.

Big Tree Farms produces only organic products and this is closely related to the care of water, soil, and air by not using pesticides or other toxic products. The idea is to do more and better things with fewer resources by reducing the use of resources, degradation, and pollution, while achieving a better quality of life. In this way, the conditions, controls, and guidelines necessary to obtain certifications that guarantee the quality of organic products marketed under this brand are met, where the objective is to ensure quality and promote trade.

The values that give life to the team at Big Tree Farms, which sustain and support the daily operations of the organization are based on respect, talent and development of individual and group capacities, as well as commitment to the community who offer an excellent service with honesty and sincerity, working with transparency and efficiency for the clients that trust in this company since the first day.