To start a project where health and the environment are involved, one must first be aware of it and then learn and finally put it into practice. Our desire to emphasize the use of renewable resources, the conservation of soil and water to improve environmental quality led us to learn about the impact of food on the consumption of organic and raw foods using agricultural management practices that promote ecosystems health and that prohibit the use of genetically modified seeds, long-term pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Fruit of our effort and a continuous learning about raw food cuisine, organic foods and learning what it takes to prepare a truly good raw food that is not only healthy but delicious has opened the doors of a wonderful world where it connects us directly with healthy ingredients that our nature offers us and improves our health. But, what does this really mean? Why can it be beneficial for our health?

In April 2012, we began our adventure of educating ourselves for a healthy food culture through a Pure Raw Chef Course headed by Dr. Amy Rachelle, ND, to consume and prepare food more consciously and responsibly, an activity which we continue doing today. We have learned why it makes a difference in choosing organic raw, cold-processed ingredients and discovered how pleasurable it is to prepare a raw meal or desserts, and what wonderful satisfaction it brings to our bodies as the ingredients maintain their natural properties.

We are characterized as being a serious company and we started from zero, where the foundations of our journey were based on consulting the manufacturers of raw ingredients and products. We were informed and advised legally what are the terms necessary to be a distributor in Malaysia which included obtaining officially the approval of our local authorities, customs, and health departments to enter the products to the country which included the documentation and formalities to be fulfilled. We investigated and learned about the logistics requirement for importing products to Malaysia. The rest, as they said, is history.

Sharing our learning, spreading our knowledge about the opportunity to obtain a better quality of life based on what we consume every day is our emblem. We will continue learning from problems, challenges and struggles because that is the true path of continuous growth and progress as our goal is the satisfaction of customers, in creating values and beliefs in the wide variety of products you are seeing today.