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Your Gut Microbes like Dark Chocolate too: The Prebiotic Effect

Good news for dark chocolate lovers! Now you have one more reason to eat organic raw chocolate because it is really good for your stomach microbes. Previous studies have confirmed that dark chocolate reduces pressure, has mood-boosting properties and other health benefits. Now recent studies have discovered that dark chocolate is fermented by friendly bacteria in our guts into compounds known to help the heart, thus acting as a prebiotic for human guts.

raw food dessert recipes

Scientists found Gut microbiome absolutely love cocoa

• Food scientists from Louisiana State University found that dark chocolate, which contains higher content of cacao, has good probiotic potency.

• Cacao contains antioxidant polyphenol compounds such as catechin and epicatechin, and dietary fibre. Since these components are not digested properly, friendly bacteria in the colon turn large molecules of polyphenol compounds into smaller ones with an anti-inflammatory effect.

• These smaller molecules with anti-inflammatory effect which help human body to fight inflammation, reduce high blood pressure and regulate insulin and cholesterol.

How to get most from Dark Chocolate?

This study confirms the healthy benefits of raw dark chocolate and its prebiotic effect. Now, if you want to get most from this sweet & bitter chocolate, then you have to combine it with certain other foods in order to enhance its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory powers.

 Boost the prebiotic potential of dark chocolate by combining it with carbohydrate-rich fruits such as banana or fiber-rich whole wheat flour. Make banana chocolate smoothie or chocolate cake using wheat flour if you want to get creative with dark chocolate recipes and still wish to get the maximum advantages.

 Scientists have also said that combining raw dark chocolate with pomegranates or acai berries can boost the fermentation process in your gut. Make a chocolate cheesecake with acai berries and pomegranates as toppings. Be creative! Be healthy!

This scientific evidence has now cleared out the fact that many of the health benefits of raw dark chocolate are linked to the transformation of cacao into anti-inflammatory molecules which is driven by the gut microbiology. So go ahead and eat a bar of dark chocolate or get hold on to some easy-to-make raw dessert food recipes using dark chocolate to get the most benefits from this natural prebiotic food that you already love so much.

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