Organic Raw Black Maca Powder

The Power of Black Maca In Enhancing Mental Functions

Maca root is a common superfood that serves as a nootropic. Nootropic, also known as cognitive enhancer, particularly improves the executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals

According to research in 2006, organic maca powder acts directly on two regions of the brain (the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland) to help improve concentration.

A subsequent study discovered that it can increase physical and mental energy, reduce stress, relieve depression, and lower anxiety while also stimulating brain activity.

Organic Raw Black Maca Powder is the rarest type of maca, accounting for just 10-15% of the harvest. Black symbolises our masculine or external force, that which enhances, endures, and vitalises. It has traditionally been used to treat and avoid disorders such as brain fog, fatigue, depression, lack of coordination, and weakness. It improves memory, regenerates brain function, provides energy, improves physical performance, mental concentration, as well as acts as a natural antidepressant.

Previous clinical studies reported black maca to be the most effective for improving memory function, learning and brain clarity.

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Improving learning and memory

There is some evidence that maca can help with learning and memory. For example, a 2011 study discovered that maca could enhance memory in mice.

According to researchers of a 2014 review maca may have benefits for learning and memory capacity. It may be useful in treating disorders that impair these systems, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Current research are mainly animal-based, however, we can draw the inference that similar benefits can be applied to humans.

Improve Cholinergic Dysfunction

In OVX mice, Black Maca can improve learning and memory by reducing oxidative stress. The primary effect of cholinergic dysfunction is the progressive loss of memory and dementia in the elderly (i.e., Alzheimer disease).

The Best Type of Maca For Your Brain

Black maca showed the greatest effect in comparison to different types of variants (organic red maca powder, yellow and black) for their memory enhancing ability. Furthermore, it was shown that black maca improves memory deficiency caused by a muscarinic antagonist of cholinergic receptors called scopolamine.

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Maca is not associated with any health hazards in the majority of people, and moderate doses are unlikely to cause any side effects.

People with thyroid issues should consult their medical practitioners before consuming maca for therapeutic purposes due to its effect on hormones. It is also best to temporarily stop taking maca when undergoing treatments that alter hormone levels, such as breast cancer treatments.

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