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Prostate Health Care With Red Maca

Have you ever noticed tubs of maca powder in the grocery stores and wondered what it actually does? It is often sold with labels printed with catchy lines related to increasing male potency and maximizing body strength. But what’s true or just a claim remains hidden under piles of questions and confusion. Therefore, this blog is especially here to brief some of the real facts about maca powder. It also talks about how it helps with prostate health care. 

Red Maca – The Peruvian Ginseng

Lepidium meyeniia.k.a maca is the native tuber plant of Peruvian Andes. With the recent popularity and ongoing researches about its efficiency, it has become a popular superfood in the United States of America. But the history of consumption of maca dates back to thousands of years. The local population of Peruvian Andes has been consuming this for many years for its impeccable health benefits both in men and women. 

The different colors of maca

Maca is a vegetable given the importance of an herb for its potential health benefits. This vegetable is popular with different names, including maino, maca-maca, ayakwillku, and ayakchichira. Similar to its different names, maca also comes in a variety of colors. The three color variations are Red Maca, Yellow Maca, and Black Maca. 

The Yellow Maca can be of any color between white to yellow. The Red Maca may have colors varying from pink to purple. And the Black Maca may have colors varying from light grey to dark. Apart from the color, another remarkable difference between these Red, Black, and Yellow Maca is taste. Compared to Red and Black Maca, the Yellow Maca has a sharp taste. Whereas the Red Maca is a little bit sweeter than the Black Maca. 

Apart from that, they also vary in their health benefits. For example, Red Maca is popular for energy-boosting capability more than Yellow and Black. It is often a popularly used food supplement for prostate healthcare in men. You can find hundreds of search queries related to Organic Raw Red Maca Powder SupplierOften people find reliable sources as well. One such source to get an organic maca supply is Diet Angel. The website provides organic and pure maca powder in Malaysia for use. 

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Red Maca – The Best Supplement for Prostate Health Care

There have been many telltales about the wonderful properties of Red Maca for prostate care. However, studies backing this fact were almost zero. But a study published in the Journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology showed that Red Maca proved beneficial in reducing the enlarged prostates in rats upon oral ingestion. 

This study opened the doors for other studies being carried out on Red Maca’s effect on prostate health. One such study published in May 2012 in Andrologia proved the reduction in zinc levels and prostate size in rats upon administering Red Maca for 14 days. 

Another study conducted in 2017 in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine reported the efficiency of Red Maca in reducing the prostate size during prostate hyperplasia. The study showed that during the administration, ER β expressions were restored without affecting ERα and other receptors. 

Red Maca Root or Red Maca Powder

The question seems intriguing, but you shouldn’t worry as both are the same. The root remains underground, and it is the most used part. Local natives of Peru used to add the root in their soup, stews, salad, and smoothies. To this day also, people use it in the same way. However, the people who are not native to Peru have the option to use it in powdered form. The gelatinized powder is less starchy due to preparation where maca roots are boiled and applied with pressure. 

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