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Maca: The Superfood for your Mood

Are you feeling down lately? It could be due to your diet. According to several studies, there is a link between our mental state and the foods we eat. You may have also experienced that whenever you eat healthy foods, like maca, cacao, etc., your energy levels are high and your mood is also good.

However, consuming an unhealthy diet makes you feel bloated and lazy due to excessive fat content. There is also a link between food addiction and sugar intake. Generally, sugar triggers the brain’s pleasure centers like addictive drugs.

That’s why it is very difficult to get rid of sugary habits. It is because sugar is associated with stress, as our bodies crave sugar whenever we are depressed or stressed. It happens to instantly surge your energy levels. That’s why we often reach out for sugary treats when feeling stressed. But having too much sugar is not good for us, as it will only lead to obesity when consumed in access.

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Therefore, it is best to switch to healthier nutrition and be mindful of what you eat. Therefore, the next time you want to boost your mood or want to enhance your energy levels, try having maca powder instead. This superfood offers you a healthier way to add nutrition to your diet while uplifting your mood and overall happiness. 

Add Organic Maca Powder to Your Diet to Improve Mood

Maca is basically a Peruvian root, which is a natural stimulant. It offers a natural high, as it is an adaptogen that offers various phytochemicals. The fatty acids present in maca root are great for supporting brain function. That’s why it also enhances cognitive function, analytical skills, and rational thinking. Furthermore, these fatty acids help in alleviating symptoms related to anxiety, stress, and depression.

Organic maca powder even increases stamina and strength while offering great endurance and energy. It is because it works naturally with the body’s needs and rhythms.

Nutritional Profile of Organic Maca Powder

Just like other cruciferous vegetables and roots, maca powder has low-fat content and includes more fiber. It even provides you with plant-based protein, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. For instance, it offers calcium, copper, potassium, B vitamins, iron, and vitamin C, as well as other antioxidants.

28 grams (or 2 Tbsp) of organic maca powder has the given nutritional profile:

  • 91 calories
  • 20 grams of total carbohydrates
  • 4 grams of protein
  • 1 gram of total fat
  • 9 grams of total sugars
  • 133% DV of vitamin C
  • 23% DV of iron
  • 84% DV of copper
  • 16% DV of vitamin B6
  • 16% DV of potassium
  • 11% DV of manganese
  • 7% DV of calcium
  • 8% DV of niacin
  • 6% DV of riboflavin

Its nutrition profile shows that this organic powder contains a decent amount of nutrients. Considering its nutritional value, it’s vital to include it in your diet for improved energy and enhanced mood.

How to Consume Maca Powder

There are various ways to include this organic powder in your diet. In many developed countries, people like to have it in powdered form. They add maca powder to their soups, smoothies, oatmeals, yogurt, and baked goods. While maca supplements are also present, it’s best to have them in the natural powdered form.

Wondering what maca powder tastes like? Well, different people find it to have a distinct taste. For some people, maca powder tastes like sweet caramel, while others feel it tastes like malt. There are some people, who find maca powder to taste earthy or like rotting wood.

No matter what taste you experience, it’s one of the best ingredients for your smoothies and other healthy drinks.

Healthy recipes to create with organic maca powder

Here are a few healthy recipes you can make using it:

1. Hormone Balancing Maca, Almond, & Cinnamon Smoothie: It is easy to create with a few ingredients. You will get a high protein dose with this smoothie. For enhancing its taste, you can sweeten it with cinnamon, vanilla, and dates.

2. Sweet Potato & Maca Soup with Green Harissa: Make this hearty soup with a blend of spices, sweet potatoes, maca powder, creamy almond butter, and green Harissa. It will offer you a complete dose of antioxidants to keep you energetic and strong. 

3. Turmeric Maca Powder Cacao Energy Balls: You can consider making energy balls with maca powder and other superfoods, such as turmeric and goji berries. Also, roll them with nuts, cocoa powder, and dates for a completely healthy snack. 

Maca powder is full of healthy nutrients that are essential for your diet. However, you need to buy organic product from a professional and reputed maca supplier in Malaysia, like Diet Angel. We also offer other organic superfoods. You can browse our website to find the right superfood to add to your diet.

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