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How to Use Maca Superfood Powder in Your Daily Food?

For thousands of years, maca has been in existence and is being used for its medicinal purposes. The maca roots come in dry form and then grounded into a powder.

Maca Superfood

When it comes to the taste of maca superfood powder, people have their different opinion. Some say it has caramel flavor, some agree to an earthy taste while some find it like butterscotch.

Available in different forms, maca has its own set of health benefits. Yellow maca is recognized for helping people with hormonal balance, red maca has shown great results for bone structure/density, and black maca is proven to increase learning and memory, etc.

Regular use of maca can help you in hormonal balance, improve learning ability, enhance mental health, alleviate symptoms from menopause, reduce digestive stress, and even more. In short, maca is a magical food that you should definitely include in your daily diet. Below are some different ways of consuming maca powder-


This is probably the easiest trick to start your consumption in a healthier way. A morning smoothie is a great way to take delight in the nutty flavor. Maca smoothie gives more depth to the smoothie palette.

As per your taste, you can add frozen banana, almond milk, nut butter, and kale to drive yourself crazy for a glass of smoothie every morning.


Nothing can make your lazy time more satisfying or healthy than a tub full of oven-baked caramel popcorn. This organic burst will satisfy your craving for eating popcorns.

Enjoy this lightweight scrumptious snack during the early evening or when you watch a movie. Loaded with the richness of coconut oil, maca powder, soaked walnuts, and maple syrup, the popcorn is for the healthiest snacking.

Maca Ice Cream:

Invite your friends for a home-made maca ice cream treat and impress them. Or treat yourself with a bowl of maca ice cream sprinkled with chocolate chips, fruits, and dry fruits. Apart from the goodness of maca root, the ice cream gives you benefits of almond milk, banana, and coconut nectar.

Maca Drink:

If you are lazy enough, maca drink way is for you. If you don’t want to try other time-consuming recipes, get yourself a maca drink. This is probably the easiest way to consume maca. The health benefits of the maca drink are incredible. You will love the nutty and caramelly flavors of maca in this cleansing drink. Check the recipe here.

Energy Balls:

When you find yourself low on energy, have some energy balls to recharge you up. The balls are the best to have after a hectic afternoon. This will pick you up. Add your favorite dates, cacao powder, coconut butter, coconut oil, and more to your energy balls. Sprinkle the energy balls with coconut powder and sesame seeds.

Check out this recipe for Maca Energy Bars.

Apart from these, you can try maca recipe for preparing soup, oatmeal, hummus, muffins, granola, and other easy-to-make and healthy food. Check out some maca superfood recipes in this link. 

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