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How Does Organic Maca Powder Benefit Your Health?

With the growing age, people tend to move toward the natural ways to improve their life aspects and better health. But this is still very late. Humans should always work in the direction to live their lives as naturally as possible. However, the sedative life and excessively busy schedules don’t leave any space. Therefore, you have got nature’s blessing in the form of Maca. You can include this gem of a superfood in your daily diet and witness a huge improvement in your mood and cognitive wellbeing. But rooting for the right type of Maca is a huge task as it comes in three major colors, Red Maca, Black Maca, and Yellow Maca. So before you place your order with an Organic Raw Red Maca Powder supplier, here is a quick guide to understanding the difference between Red Maca and Black Maca. 

What is Maca?

Maca is an adaptogenic herb that can assist you with your health and lifestyle goals. It is a tuber plant from the Andes that has gained a big name in healthcare. The scientific name of Maca is Lepidium meyenii which is also commonly known as Peruvian Ginseng. But, besides being from the same family, not all types of Maca possess the same health benefits. Let us understand the contrasting difference between Red and Black Maca and their usage. 

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What are the overall health benefits of Maca?

  • Boost energy and endurance 

Maca is a superfood for bodybuilders and athletes, and it helps improve strength and increase energy flow in your body. Even a pilot study backs this potential benefit of Maca conducted in 2009. In this pilot study, male cyclists were given Maca for 14 days. The cyclists have shown better performance than before in the trail while covering a 40-kilometer distance. 

  • Helps reduce the enlarged prostate gland in men

Prostatic Hyperplasia is one of the common health issues men face while growing old. In this condition, the prostate gland gets enlarged and affects the overall health being of men. The studies on the vital benefits of Maca have shown that consuming Black Maca daily may help in preventing hormone-binding, causing gland enlargement.

  • Improves mood and reduce the menopause effects

Consuming the maca root regularly helps elevate the mood by reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Maca contains flavonoids that work upon the symptoms and alleviate them. Due to this capability, Maca has been used as a popular stress reliever for menopausal women. It offers relief in hot flashes, mood swings, regulates sleep, and reduces irritability. 

  • Fights the free radicals of the body

Consumption of Maca improves antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase and glutathione in the body. These antioxidants reduce the free radicals, which tend to damage the body cells and cause cancer. Some of the health issues which can be prevented by using Maca include cancer, heart disease, oxidative stress, etc. 

  • May improve cognitive functions

Studies done on rodents have well-demonstrated the positive effect of Maca on cognitive functions. The study has shown that daily intake of Maca could prevent the cognitive functions impairment caused due to aging. It can help older adults to prevent cognitive decline and preserve good motor coordination. 

Red Maca or Black Maca

Well, there is not going to be any competitive analysis because both offer a variety of health benefits in common. But if we consider reproductive health, both bear a striking difference.

Let’s study the table given below first. 

Benefits Black Maca Red Maca
Maintains hormonal balance   YES
Increases libido YES YES
Improves cognitive functions YES YES
Helps with prostate health YES  
Increases sperm count and mobility YES  
Improves body vitality and energy YES YES
Reduces menopausal symptoms   YES

To sum it up, Red Maca is better recommended for women under menopause to balance the hormonal imbalance and reduce the associated symptoms. On the contrary, Black Maca is an excellent supplement for treating Prostate Hyperplasia.

But overall, if a person, whether a male or female, wish to have better health and an improved lifestyle, they can consume any color type of Maca and enjoy the common benefits.  For ordering online, visit Diet Angel, which is an Organic Raw Red Maca Powder supplier and Organic Raw Black Maca Powder supplier in Malaysia

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