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Everything You Need To Know About Weight Loss and Gluten-Free Diet

There are many shreds of evidence to show that weight management and a gluten-free diet has a relation. However, it does not mean that this diet can bring curves to your body as it is not responsible for complete weight loss. Sticking on a gluten-free diet can only help to burn extra pounds, manage healthy weight, and make you feel good. Various dietitians recommend this diet because it excludes unnecessary protein and calories.

Gluten Free Malaysian Dishes
Why Gluten-Free Diet For Weight Loss?

Gluten foods are wheat, rye, barley, bread, pasta, cereals, processed foods, flour, malt vinegar, wheat starch, etc. A gluten-free diet excludes foods that contain gluten protein. A gluten-free diet tends to be healthier because it includes whole grain, unprocessed foods, balance of essential nutrients, and low calories, which help in maintaining a healthy weight. A study proves that people having gluten-free food products make great food choices. By eliminating wheat in your diet, you can shed 15-20 pounds every month. Just think about a healthy meal plan free from gluten.

When you go gluten-free, you ditch double cheeseburger, fries, pizza, noodles and start eating salad, sweet potatoes, chicken breast, nuts, organic products for lower calories and high nutrition. People who are not able to buy gluten-free foods from organic food stores due to their hectic schedules can easily purchase the best gluten-free products online and prepare a quick and healthy meal, every day.

Is It Safe To Go Gluten-Free All The Time?

People with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity should follow a diet plan free from gluten. It helps them improving the symptoms and maintain healthy digestive system. Studies have shown that a complete gluten-free diet may contain risks as body requires its complete nutrition to maintain the functions. It is always recommended to consult a healthcare provider before sticking on a diet for your weight loss program.

Healthy Gluten Free Diet You Can Try:

Taking a break from gluten can be a good option. Instead of restriction, you can either take a break or lower the intake. Below is a recipe of a gluten-free Malaysian dish you can try at home to make your weekend delightful and even more enjoyable. Let’s have a look on the chocolate cookies recipe:


3 cup almond flour
¾ cup organic cacao butter
¾ cup cornstarch
½ tsp. baking soda
¾ tsp. kosher salt
1 ½ cup organic cacao powder
2 ¼ tsp. pure vanilla extract
1 ½ cup organic coconut sugar

Directions to follow:

• Take a large bowl; mix melted organic cacao butter and organic coconut sugar to get a smooth blend. Now, add vanilla into it and whisk the mixture until it gets slightly thickened.

• Take another bowl. Pour almond flour, baking soda, cornstarch, salt, and whisk the combination. Pour butter mixture into this. Also add the organic cacao powder. Keep mixing the combination.

• Now cover the mixture and let it set in the bowl for 2 hours (for better shape of the cookies)

• Preheat oven to 375 degree, take baking sheets and cookie scoop. Now scoop balls of dough on the baking sheet.

• Let these balls bake until they get a golden shade or for about 15 minutes.

• You are all set to experience delightful chocolate cookies.

You can find some delightful and tempting gluten-free Malaysian dishes to satisfy your sweet craving at our recipe section.

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