dark chocolate benefits
Dark Chocolate

Eating Dark Chocolate May Improve Your Cognitive Functions

Eat a little dark chocolate every day and you could improve your brain memory. This good news is already rolling among chocolate lovers. Consumption of chocolate (in modest quantity) is associated with cognitive brain function. You might have heard previously that dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids (70 percent cacao content) which is linked with improved heart health and stress reduction, but new studies have confirmed that it can potentially improve memory and make your brain smarter.


dark chocolate benefits


Research check: Does eating dark chocolate improve brain memory?


“Chocolate intake is associated with better cognitive function: A Maine-Syracuse Longitudnal Study” by researcher G.E. Crichton and his team identified the relation between chocolate intake and cognitive function. The study concluded that people who consume more chocolate also score higher in brain tests such as visual-spatial memory, working memory, scanning & tracking and abstract reasoning.


Initial studies at Loma Linda University by a California team of researchers have shown that cacao flavonoids penetrate and accumulate brain regions associated with learning and memory. Cacao present in dark chocolate can increase sensory awareness as well as improve brain communication. Lee Berk, who led the California team, also stated that flavonoid-rich dark chocolate has restorative uses for people suffering with dementia and aging-related issues.


Dark chocolate can be a part of your healthy lifestyle. The findings of these new research studies have unraveled the connection between dark chocolate and our brain health. So now you got another good reason to eat chocolate! Give your brain a tasteful treat with our best vegan dark chocolate bars. Being one of the leading suppliers of certified organic food in Malaysia, we only provide cold-processed, vegan dark chocolate having breathtaking flavors, smooth texture and taste that will bring a crescendo of indulgence to your palate.

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