Cacao and Its Benefits

Cacao and Its Benefits for Digestive Health

Cacao is found in parts of Central America, South America, East Africa and Indonesia.

Cacao is the raw, unprocessed and unroasted seed used to produce cocoa and eventually chocolate. Cacao seeds almost do not resemble chocolate. The seeds are green or light brown in colour, and they taste nothing like chocolate.

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Cacao’s Benefits For Digestive System

Adding cacao to your diet can help stimulate the digestive system by relieving symptoms of diarrhea, reducing the effects of constipation, and reducing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Cacao contains a substantial amount of fibre in each serving.

Fibre helps the digestive system by keeping your colon clean, clear and healthy. By adding cacao powder to a protein shake or sprinkling it on some sweet fruit, you can easily meet your daily fibre requirements.

Why Is Cacao Good For Our Gut?

Cacao has high polyphenol levels; cacao can also be good for the intestine; Drinks made from cacao can also increase the number of good bacteria in your gut. “Cacao consumption appears to promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the colon.”

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How To Include Cacao Powder In Your Diet?

Add Cacao in Protein Shakes or Milk

The quickest, easiest and most delicious way to enjoy cacao is to drink it. To do this, you will add your serving (2 tablespoons are recommended) of cacao directly into the drink you are making. Whether it’s a protein shake, milkshake, or just a cup of hot (or cold) cacao, drinking your serving of cacao is always a quick and easy way to get your daily serving of cacao.

Sprinkle Cacao on Fresh Fruits

If you like to make your own serving of cacao (and who can blame you?), we suggest sprinkling cacao powder over freshly cut fruit. The best fruits to enjoy with cacao powder include freshly cut bananas, pineapple and strawberries.

Sprinkle Cacao into Cheese or Greek Yogurt

Cacao powder mixed with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt will likely mask the taste of cheese or yogurt. Adding fruit or other flavourings will only mask the cacao powder flavour even more. So, if you prefer to get your serving of cacao powder through for a fuller snack, we suggest sprinkling it on cheese or Greek yogurt and adding the extra flavour of fruit or cinnamon. Buy Organic Cacao Powder from Diet Angel in Malaysia here!

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