Organic Raw Maca Powder

Boost Your Energy Levels with Organic Maca Powder

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a vegetable root native to Peru’s Andes region known as “Peruvian ginseng” (despite not belonging to the same botanical family as ginseng), maca is consumed as a food and is said to boost energy, endurance, and alleviate fatigue.

Commonly added to smoothies, juices and shakes, ground root powder can also be used as an ingredient in foods such as coffee, chocolate or oil.  In Peru, the whole maca root is often added to soups and oatmeal, roasted and consumed as a vegetable, or made into a fermented drink known as “maca chicha”.

Maca is clinically proven and have remarkable health benefits. Studies showed that it lowers stress levels, improves mood and memory, protects against UV radiation, treats osteoporosis, helps balance hormones and many other great things.

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How does organic red maca powder and organic black maca powder benefit your body?

Boost Energy

Maca increases energy, but it does so in a balanced way, unlike caffeine, carbohydrates or sugar, which often rise and fall rapidly. Maca gives you increased muscular stamina which allows you to work out longer and more intensely.

Maca root has been shown to increase energy levels and physical performance, which may promote muscle building and curvature.  Nevertheless, it should be combined with regular exercise and a nutritious diet to maximize its potential effects.

Boost Endurance and Sports Performance

Maca root powder is a popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders. It has been claimed to help you gain muscle mass, increase strength, increase energy and improve exercise performance. In addition, some animal studies indicate that it enhances endurance performance.

A pilot study in 2009 found that using maca extract for 14 days resulted in better performance in a 40-kilometer time trial for male cyclists. However, the results were not significantly different from the improvement seen in those taking the placebo.

However, the same study found that maca extract improved libido in participants who used it. However, the sample size of this study was very small, so further research is needed to confirm the results.

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Alleviate Fatigue

Maca is a relative of the radish and has a butterscotch-like odor. Its root is used to make medicine. People take maca by mouth to treat “tired blood” (anemia), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS); and enhance stamina, energy, memory and athletic performance.

A 12-week study on 175 people found that taking 3 grams of maca daily resulted in significant improvements in both mood and energy levels. A study in rats also showed that maca extract helped fight fatigue during a swim test.

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