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Benefits Of Sacha Inchi For The Brain

Sacha Inchi, also known as the Inca peanut, is the seed of a Peruvian highland shrub. Despite its recent discovery in the United States’ health community, sacha inchi has been farmed and used as a food source in the Amazon rainforest for over 3,000 years. Although the fruit in which these seeds grow is inedible, they take on a crisp, nutty flavour when carefully roasted over a moderate flame. Today we are going to discuss some benefits of Sacha Inchi for the brain.

Boosts Brain Function

Sacha Inchi is made up of 20% omega fatty acids by weight. The majority of our brain is made up of fat, which means we need healthy fats from food sources like sacha inchi to build brain cell membranes, nourish our brain cells, and fight inflammation.

Omega 3 fats may promote cognitive function and protect against brain disorders such as depression and dementia. By reducing inflammation, consuming omega 3s can also reduce brain fog, memory loss, and fatigue. Sacha Inchi is not only rich in omega oils but also contains iron. One of the health benefits of iron is its ability to aid in the proper flow of blood to the brain, which can stimulate cognitive activity and even form new neural pathways.

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Enhance mood

Sacha Inchi provides a powerful dose of antioxidants, including polyphenols and carotenoids. These antioxidants fight free radicals that damage cells, which can lead to degenerative diseases. Regularly consumeing these pleasantly tart Sacha Inchi to help avoid diseases such as cancer.

Cognitive Function

It was found that when performing cognitive functional tests, theta, alpha, and beta brain waves were increased at 0.05 levels with a significant difference compared to before and after having sacha inchi oil. This result represents the correction part of the brain – the inferior frontal cortex.

How to Consume?

Sacha Inchi has a mild, nutty, umami-rich flavour and abundant protein as well as necessary fatty acids. Nuts can be used as a snack, added to salads and other dishes, or processed into edible seed oil or protein powder.

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Sacha Inchi is a plant that is often cultivated for its large, nut-like seeds. These seeds are highly nutritious and may be associated with many benefits, including brain function. However, more research in humans is required to confirm these promising results.

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