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Are You A Raw Chocolate Lover? Check Out These Recipes

When we decide to change our diet, the hardest thing to do is to give up on your favourite food. Many of us are dedicated chocolate eaters so much so that the thought of not eating them on a day or two leaves us stunned. What if we replace these chocolates with organic raw cacao chocolate and cacao chocolate recipes that are available online at our website. 5 reasons why cacao chocolate is healthy is that it is armed with antioxidants, magnesium, and a number of nutrients. They revitalize and energize you and give you a good feeling.

Raw Chocolate

CACAO CHOCOLATE MOUSSE – It is so quick and easy to make, and tastes amazing!!


  • Organic Raw Cacao Powder
  • Coconut Milk
  • Organic Coconut Nectar
  • Organic Raw Cacao Sweet Nibs to sprinkle on top (optional)


  1. Carefully open the tin of coconut milk without shaking it first, pour off the liquid which can be saved for later in a smoothie, spoon the thick coconut cream into a bowl.
  2. Add the organic raw cacao powder and organic coconut nectar.
  3. Mix together really well, making sure there are no lumps.
  4. Serve in the pudding bowls, top with organic raw cacao sweet nibs, chocolate flakes or garnish of your choice.

RAW PEPPERMINT CREAMS – This chocolate alternative is packed with freshness of organic peppermint oil without the sugar rush. You could use any mould with large cells for this recipe.

Ingredients for the peppermint cream

  • Organic Raw Cacao Butter
  • Organic Raw Cashew Cacao Cluster
  • Filtered Water
  • Stoned & Peeled Avocado
  • Lucuma Powder
  • Organic Coconut Nectar
  • Sea Salt
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Barley Grass Powder

For The Chocolate Coating

  • Organic Raw Cacao Powder
  • Organic Raw Cacao Butter
  • Organic Coconut Nectar


Slowly melt the organic raw cacao butter over a burner. Add the cashew nuts, essential oil and filtered water to a food processor and process until the nuts are finely ground. Add the avocado, and process until well mixed into the cashews. Add the lucuma powder, salt, organic coconut nectar, barley grass powder and melted organic raw cacao butter. Process well until everything is thoroughly mixed and smooth. Spoon the mixture in to a medium-sized bowl, and place it uncovered in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Melt the cacao butter over a ban marie, add the cacao powder and stir in well. Finally stir in the organic coconut nectar thoroughly. Using a small brush, paint the inside of each cell of your chosen chocolate mould, then place the mould in the fridge for a few minutes to firm. Remove the mould from the fridge and paint another layer inside each cell and return to the fridge. Remove the peppermint cream mixture from the freezer and fill each cell of your mould, leaving a few mm from the top. Repeat with the remaining mixture until all the cells have peppermint filling.

The above mentioned cacao chocolate recipes along with many others that will find online at our website provide many advantages for your health. From the wide range of high dose nutrients to the way it makes us feel good, organic raw cacao chocolate really is a super food.

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