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A Good CACAO SUPERFOOD is a saviour in many forms

Superheroes, save the world from the enemies, true? These are strong men and women who fight villains in the reel life. Have you heard of the real-life superhero? Our real-life hero is the food we eat for survival. The food we eat gives us strength and builds our endurance to do our tasks appropriately.

Have you heard of the real-life hero a.k.a, the king of the food? The ultimate ruler among the food, the greatest of all superfood – Cacao Superfood. This superfood is a miracle for all of us and a dominant food item that calculates many health benefits.

Diving into cacao superfood, cacao bags the title, Food of the Gods and can be found in the form of a powder and also in the crushed state commonly called nibs. The magic of cacao superfood can be felt in various ways once is combined in the diet. Nutrient-rich cacao is a saviour and a blessing for all.

Does cacao, fulfils its role as a superfood?

 A superfood such as cacao gives more than the name suggests. It can be quite interesting to note that organically grown cacao enlists powerpack performance as it contains anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and numerous health-boosting elements in higher quantities.

Let us check some of the miracles that cacao superfood does in real-life scenarios.

A Healthy Heart & Brain is Super Essential:

A prerequisite for a healthy heart is a healthy diet. A healthy diet must contain superfoods & cacao is well chosen to be the great medium to achieve a well-functioned heart and brain. Magnesium, in cacao helps, improves the blood flow and provides the catalyst to turn glucose into energy.

A Good Mood is Super Fun:

Cacao is super known as the mood enhancer. PEA or phenethylamine present in the raw cacao supplements the release of endorphins which are known to be the pleasure chemicals of the brain. These chemicals stimulate the feel-good factor when we fall in love and an increase in energy. Anandamide, the bliss molecule is known to be a good mood alleviating as well. All in all, cacao in diet can stimulate a lot of feel-good chemicals that can contribute to super-light feel for an absolute delight.

A Good Skin Is Super Charming:

Who doesn’t want flawless skin? Flawless skin can pave the way for confidence in you. Cacao superfood is the ultimate option that can provide radiant skin as it contains numerous nutrients that can build a protective shield against your skin. Anti-oxidant rich cacao nourishes the skin deeper and caters to healthier skin.

A Good Stress Reliever is Super Wanted:

The intake of cacao can prove beneficial in reducing the stress hormone, ‘cortisol’, which can further help in relaxation from depression and anxiety. A relaxed mind with cacao is a happier friend indeed.

Beneficial, in many ways, cacao superfood is simpler to get your hands on. Yes, Diet Angelis the best supplier of this miracle superfood in Malaysia. A supplier, known for the best organic cacao superfood at an affordable price and available in powder and nibs form. Now, you have the address and the benefits listed above, its time to release your cooking abilities and make fun exploration with Cacao nibs in your food.

  1. Mix Cacao nibs in your smoothies for a delightful experience.
  2. Cacao nibs in your banana pancake can be mouth-watering.
  3. Relish your yoghurt with cacao nibs for a nuttier flavour.
  4. Cacao nibs in your bowl of cereal is the perfect breakfast.
  5. The mix of cacao nibs in your salad can be lip-smacking.

 Bon Appetit!

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