Organic Coconut Sugar
Organic Coconut Sugar

5 Types of Sugar – Which Is Healthier?

It’s no secret that consuming sugar in large quantities has negative effects on your health. Many studies have linked sugar to diabetes, obesity, and risk of heart disease to name a few. So, you need to be selective while shopping for sugar that not only sweeten some of your favorite foods and beverages but also help you stay healthy after consuming them (in moderate quantity). Here’s a quick run-down on different types of sugars available in the market and which is the healthier option for you.

Organic Coconut Sugar

  • Refined white (table) sugar:
  • It is the purest form of sucrose. It can be produced from either sugarcane or sugar beets. It has glycemic index between 60-75 and contains 1700 KJ of calories.

  • Brown sugar:
  • It contains 95 percent sucrose and 5 percent molasses, which adds a lovely toffee flavor to it. Brown sugar contains little amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. To put it simply, brown sugar is regular sugar diluted with less concentrated sugar. It has glycemic index of 65 and contains 1630 KJ of calories.

  • Cane Sugar:
  • It is produced from the first crystallization of cane juice. Its distinctive color and flavor come from the sugar cane molasses. It has 96 percent sucrose and 2 percent fructose with a glycemic index (GI) ranking of 55, similar to molasses syrup.

  • Turbinado Sugar:
  • It is a raw sugar variant which has been partially processed. It has a golden color and mild brown flavor, and is often used in beverages. Another sugar comparable to Turbinado sugar is Demerara sugar, which is a large grained sugar that contains small amount of molasses. Turbinado sugar ranks at 65 on the GI scale.

  • Organic Coconut Sugar:
  • It is produced from the sap of the coconut palm’s flower buds. It has also been found to contain amino acids, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, B vitamins and antioxidants. Organic coconut sugar has a glycemic index rating of 35, which is much lower than refined, brown and cane sugar.

You might have felt that you’ve just taken a session on sugar types, but with little extra knowledge you can prevent the negative health effects of sugar. It’s a good idea to keep track of the amount of sweeteners you’re consuming on a daily basis but you also need to take care of the type of sweetener you’re purchasing. Different sugar variants have different GI ranking and can have a substantial impact on your health. Based on the GI ranking, it can be concluded that organic coconut sugar is the best sugar alternative to all the sweeteners mentioned above. You can get organic coconut sugar from any outlet in Malaysia where we supply premium quality organic, raw and whole foods. To know more about out Sweet Tree Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, which is one of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners on the market.

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