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5 healthy ingredients for making your dessert food recipes ‘rawmazing’

When the sweet tooth comes a-knockin’, people often start searching on the Internet for healthy, luscious and delicious dessert recipes. Chocolate cake, brownies, truffles, chocolate bark and bliss balls – you’ll get a great selection of healthy and easy to make recipes. Dessert doesn’t have to always be unhealthy. You can make it a healthy part of your diet by using certain raw food ingredients when preparing your healthy version of dessert.

raw food dessert recipes

Organic Coconut Nectar for making your dessert sweet

Dessert isn’t really dessert if it isn’t sweet! So, what you can use to make a raw and healthy dessert if you don’t want to use white sugar? Use organic coconut palm nectar. With rich buttery caramel flavor, coconut palm nectar is the perfect liquid sweetener that is easy to use, tastes great and gives you the authentic healthy sweetener attributes you want in your recipe.

Organic Raw Cacao Powder for making Chocolate Desserts

Great in raw and baked goods and confections, blended into smoothies, or as a healthy replacement for your morning coffee, raw cacao powder is the perfect ingredient if you want to make chocolate tasting desserts. It’s ALL GOOD! Packed with vital nutrients, anandamide and antioxidants, cacao powder will be a healthy, gourmet addition to your raw & baked desserts.

Organic Cacao Sweet Nibs – Use them as Sprinkles

In addition to healthy and delicious snacking, use organic cacao sweet nibs in place of conventional chocolate chips for a healthful twist in all your dessert creations. Taste like chocolate with slightly bitter and nutty flavor, cacao nibs is like chocolate at its best. They’re little crunchy with bits of goodness; tastes amazing, energy boosting – and make your desserts healthy.

Bananas as binding agent

One issue you will face while making raw desserts is finding a suitable strong binding agent. Bananas not only bring some friendly sweetness to raw desserts, but they keep all the ingredients intact. There is absolutely no better way of creating a raw, vegan dessert than whipping up a frozen banana with the flavor of choice!

Raw Cacao Butter for a twist

Butter is an inevitable ingredient in most of dessert recipes. Raw cacao butter can be used in conjunction with cacao powder and natural sweetener to make your own chocolate dessert recipes. It is also great to add to bliss balls or to hold them together. Instead of milk butter use this healthy substitution in your kitchen creations.
Stock these raw organic and healthy ingredients in the cupboard or fridge for making cookies, cakes, ice creams, snack bars and just about anything you can dream up, anytime. Check out our raw food dessert recipes; they’re healthy, and often easy to make at home.

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