“Understanding is deeper than knowledge. Understand About Us today.”

Diet Angel Sdn. Bhd. emerged as a 100% Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpur, dedicated to advocate preparation and consumption of minimally processed organic plant-based diet and raw food to help society lead a healthier lifestyle and diet. To achieve this, the foods are prepared using truly wholesome organic ingredients which are minimally processed at low temperature to preserve the food’s nutritional values.

We are passionate about health, interested in creating awareness of the importance of what we eat and the impact it has on our organism. Hence, our challenge is to reach individual and communities to Malaysian families and beyond with endless options, enabling them to prepare delicious, natural and nutritional wholesome foods using our supply of premium quality organic ingredients.

In addition, we are aware of the damage that chemicals and pesticides cause in us and in the environment, which inspires us to guide our community and the rest of the world to improve their eating habits and food choices to migrate towards a healthier lifestyle thanks to our range of wholesome organic products. We are creating a movement of local and global consumption awareness on our social media pages to share our knowledge, insights and benefits of organic ingredients as a spearhead where healthy and fresh food is aligned.

We believe that trust and respect are essential to creating a healthy business. With that in mind, we strive for honesty and integrity in all our dealings with the intention to create a healthy bond with the community. This is essential to remind ourselves that our objectives are to take home the best flavors of the products, providing the best truly good premium ingredients in the market to organic retailers, supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores and food producers without forgetting the ultimate motive to enjoy the flavors, smells and textures that our end-customers like the most because our pillar is to provide quality of excellence in products, the best agile and committed service and satisfaction guarantee to our customers.

We work daily to put at your disposal the best selection of products that meet our quality standards, certifications, and the best taste to cover the demands of strict palates but above all, for those who value their health by knowing what they ingest through our supplies of organic products, obtaining as a result, an increase in their quality of life.

Our Mission

We are passionate about health, for that reason, our mission is to create awareness of the importance of what we eat and the impact it has on our organism, hence our challenge is to reach individuals and families in Malaysia and beyond with a touch of differentiation, enabling them to prepare delicious, natural and nutritional wholesome foods with our supply of truly good premium ingredients.

Our Vision

We change the way you think about food. We want to show that the exquisite can go hand in hand with a healthy product, that is why we strive to be the leading source of supply for the best wholesome, truly healthy, truly wonderful premium food products originating from all over the world!